The radiator support installed within your car may look just like any normal part but it features a very important task that cannot be played down. As the scaffold for your rad assembly, the reliable Mitsubishi Eclipse radiator support in your system acts as protecting shield against almost all types of damages. If in case you have forgotten about it, your Mitsubishi Eclipse radiator is a cooling component that's in charge of removing the extra heat within your motor to get around an overheating engine. Since it helps to make the front end of your motor resilient and immovable, your current radiator support has the capacity to decrease the heaviness and space inside your auto's engine compartment.

Your vehicle's radiator support is linked onto your fenders. Your radiator support for Mitsubishi Eclipse is a full setup that consists of several auto parts including an upper tie bar, side support panel, hood latch support, and a lower cross member that are built with the use of either durable steel or premium plastic.

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