Your radiator helps keep your combustion engine from over-heating and is as important to your ride as the component that keeps it secure: the radiator support. Your engine radiator system is severely hefty and it needs a sturdy Ford Tempo radiator support to keep it in place. You should substitute your stock support using a radiator support produced by Ford Tempo as soon as miles of wear and tear cripple it.

Designed to keep your radiator intact in the presence of severe engine rattling and extreme engine heat the radiator support affixes the radiator to the upper and lower rails as well as left and right side aprons of your engine assembly frame. Typically constructed from plastic, steel, or aluminum, a radiator support done by Ford Tempo is designed to withstand extreme heat, road salts, and the rigors of continuous use. A durable Ford Tempo radiator support is important in not just supporting the radiator, but also to keeping the hood and fender in place. You provide reliable engine cooling and a smooth operation for your ride when you get a brand new Ford Tempo radiator support.

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