The radiator support is a component that is as important to your four-wheeler as the radiator it supports. A strong Dodge Spirit radiator support is just what your very heavy combustion engine radiator system needs to keep it well-established. You must exchange your stock support using a radiator support manufactured by Dodge Spirit before miles of heat-exposure take their toll on it.

Designed to keep your radiator secure in the wake of engine rattling and extreme engine heat the radiator support attaches the radiator to the upper and lower rails and also the left and right side aprons of your engine assembly frame. Commonly made from steel, plastic, or aluminum, a radiator support done by Dodge Spirit is equipped to endure unrelenting temperatures, road salts, and the roughness of daily use. A strong Dodge Spirit radiator support is important in not simply supporting the radiator, but also to keeping the fenders and hood in line. With a fresh, new Dodge Spirit radiator support, you ensure reliable combustion engine cooling and a top-quality performance for your ride.

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