Car Radiator Supports

Performance vehicles like 4x4s and sport utility vehicles are more likely exposed to difficult driving conditions. Since compared to other vehicles, they better handle the harshest terrains Mother Nature has to offer, they're often used for off-road driving. But even if an off-road vehicle is tough, pressure is still exerted on its metal frame and its systems. And this is why your ride needs a tough radiator support.

You need not be reminded how important the radiator is to a vehicle. But just in case you don't know the specifics, your radiator consists of tiny tubes and fins made of copper or aluminum. It's through these that the heated coolant from the engine passes and gets cooled. Once these get smashed or deformed, or if the radiator tilts off its proper alignment, the radiator won't be able to do a good job of dispersing the heat from the hot coolant. So, don't let it down by not regularly maintaining and checking up on the radiator support panel, a metal frame or bracket anchored onto the front section of the vehicle's body. It holds the radiator in place and connects the mudguard skirts.

A support assembly for the radiator usually includes an upper tie bar, a side support panel, a hood latch support, and a lower crossmember. Usually made from high-grade steel or plastic, all these parts are built to support and protect your car's radiator. Once the support fails to do its job and your radiator unfortunately gets badly busted, then brace yourself for pricey and time-consuming repairs.

Many kinds of radiator supports are available in the market. Take what Ford included in its 1996 Taurus model as an example. It featured a support panel that's made of a two-sheet molding composite bolted together. It integrates the functions of a basic supporting frame with those of a headlight assembly, grille panel, hood latch mounting, and hood bumper support. Its upper part is attached to the front fenders while the lower end is bolted to the front-end cooling assembly. Having this kind of car radiator support is advantageous because it's lightweight and sturdy and at the same time efficient in terms of cost and space.

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