The radiator radiator hose of your Volkswagen Scirocco is actually a passageway for the anti-freeze as it travels from the engine and into the radiator unit. A coolant leaking from a broken Volkswagen Scirocco radiator hose is is a serious car problem that must be fixed or replaced ASAP because it might actually cause more headaches in the months to come.

Under your car's hood are actually two types of Volkswagen Scirocco radiator hoses - one tube relays old coolant coming from the vehicle engine to the radiator, while the other tube acts as a path way for recycled antifreeze as drips back onto the engine. Too much heat will eventually ruin your ride's radiator hose, a subcomponent that's usually molded from automotive grade rubber. Do grab a replacement part right away once you observe your Volkswagen Scirocco's old radiator hose functioning poorly.

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