In order for the car coolant to properly flow into the heat exchanger, your Porsche 928's engine cooling assembly requires a radiator hose. When your Porsche 928 radiator hose becomes damaged, the coolant will leak out, depriving your engine of that much required anti-freeze; this can cause to overheating and cause more serious engine trouble.

Under the hood are 2 kinds of Porsche 928 radiator hoses - the first hose funnels hot coolant dripping from the vehicle engine to the radiator, while the second hose is actually a passage route for recycled coolant as drips back onto the engine. Too much heat will eventually ruin your vehicle's radiator hose, a component that's usually manufactured rubber. A cracked pipe and rust along the metal radiator hose clamps are all signs that you have to fix or replace Porsche 928's old radiator hose.

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