In establishing superior engine performance, you must have an efficient cooling system. Over the years, a number of cooling system designs was made to produce better means of cooling the engine. The demand for better and faster operating vehicles, the Porsche in particular, has vastly increased the development of the quality of the various cooling parts. Along with the other components of your Porsche's cooling system, the Porsche radiator hose was also designed to showcase better performance, or at least, longer lifespan.

There are a number of parts that work in relation with the radiator hose. These include the radiator, coolant tank, fan, water pump, and thermostat. In particular, the radiator hose is the component that connects both the engine and the water pump to the radiator. It is commonly made from select-grade rubber material with sizes varying to match a specific engine type. The radiator hose and the radiator are generally created for a major task. They operate through exchanging heat to effectively fend off excessive temperature that can cause peril to the engine. All the same, they allow the engine to warm up or cool to produce stable performance and prevent wear.

The continuous growing technology brought new means in the development of radiator hoses. Today, radiator hose constructions are available in a vast selection all catering specific features and capabilities. But in general, the three types of hoses used in modern vehicles are the common hose, molded or shaped hose, and the accordion type hose. The common hose is a conventional type, straight hose that will collapse when bent. The molded or shaped hose can be bent without collapsing as opposed to the common hose. The accordion type hose has all the characteristics of both the molded and common hose, and in addition, some of the vibration caused by the engine and the radiator will be absorbed as well.

The common radiator hose trouble found in most vehicles is leaking hoses. In any case, replacing the part can be easy and quite painless. The solution can vary depending on the severity of damage. However, there are some cases which are often overlooked and can be fixed easily. For example, if the leak is coming from the clamp holding, just by tightening the clamp, your hose can be leak free again. But for major troubles, we advice you get a replacement as soon as possible.

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