The rubber radiator hose of your Nissan Quest serves as a passageway for the coolant as it oozes from the engine and into the radiator tubes. When your Nissan Quest radiator hose is busted, the anti-freeze will leak, depriving the engine of that much needed anti-freeze; this might lead to overheating and cause catastrophic engine problems.

Under your car's hood are actually two kinds or types of Nissan Quest radiator hoses - one tube funnels hot coolant coming from the engine into the radiator, while the other tube serves as a passage route for the cooled anti-freeze as drips back into the engine. Similar to other car parts, the radiator hose will definitely break down, which could lead to engine cooling problems. A cracked pipe and rust on the clamps are all indications that you have to fix or replace Nissan Quest's old radiator hose.

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