The rubber radiator hose of your Mercedes Benz C320 is a pathway for the anti-freeze as it flows from the car engine and into the radiator pipes. When your Mercedes Benz C320 radiator hose is busted, the coolant will leak out, depriving the engine of that all-important anti-freeze; this can lead to engine overheating make way for more serious engine trouble.

Under your auto's hood are two kinds or types of Mercedes Benz C320 radiator hoses - one tube relays used coolant dripping from the automotive engine onto the radiator, while the other hose is actually a path way for the cooled anti-freeze as travels back onto the engine. Excess heat can eventually damage your car's radiator hose, a subcomponent that is usually manufactured high-grade rubber. Your Mercedes Benz C320's old radiator hose must be replaced ASAP if it's broken or is all rusty.

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