A part of your Lexus Ls430's engine cooling system, the radiator hose funnels coolant to and from the radiator. A severely busted Lexus Ls430 radiator hose might actually cause frequent vehicle engine overheating, something you won't really prefer to happen frequently.

Under your car's hood are 2 kinds of Lexus Ls430 radiator hoses - the first hose transports used coolant from the automotive engine onto the radiator, while the other tube serves as a passage way for recycled antifreeze as travels back into the engine. Too much heat will ruin your car's radiator hose, a component that's usually molded from automotive grade rubber. A busted pipe and rusty patches along the metal radiator hose clamps are all indications that you have to fix or replace Lexus Ls430's old radiator hose.

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