The radiator hose of your Jeep Wagoneer is a pathway for the antifreeze as it oozes from the engine and into the radiator unit. A severely broken Jeep Wagoneer radiator hose might actually cause all too often car engine overheating, something you wouldn't really prefer to happen at all.

Under your auto's hood are actually two types of Jeep Wagoneer radiator hoses - the first hose relays old coolant from the automotive engine into the radiator, while the second hose serves as a passage route for recycled coolant as travels back to the engine. Excess heat can eventually damage your vehicle's radiator hose, a component that is usually molded from rubber. A cracked pipe and rusty patches along the metal radiator hose clamps are all symptoms that you need to replace your Jeep Wagoneer's old radiator hose.

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