The radiator hose of your Jaguar Xkr serves as a path for the anti-freeze as it travels from the engine block and into the radiator pipes. When your Jaguar Xkr radiator hose becomes damaged, the coolant will leak, depriving the engine of that much required anti-freeze; this can lead to engine overheating and actually cause catastrophic engine problems.

Under your car's hood are actually two kinds or types of Jaguar Xkr radiator hoses - one hose funnels used coolant coming from the engine onto the radiator, while the second hose serves as a passage way for recycled coolant as travels back onto the engine. The radiator hose is built from sturdy rubber but regular exposure to extremely hot temperatures will over time take a toll. Do buy a replacement hose right away when you see your Jaguar Xkr's old radiator hose performing poorly.

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