In order for the automotive coolant to flow into the radiator assembly, your Jaguar Xj12's engine cooling unit requires a radiator hose. If your Jaguar Xj12 radiator hose becomes damaged, the coolant will spill out, robbing the engine of that much required anti-freeze; this can lead to overheating make way for more serious car trouble.

Under your auto's hood are actually two types of Jaguar Xj12 radiator hoses - one tube funnels old coolant coming from the engine onto the radiator, while the other hose is actually a passage route for recycled coolant as it flows back to the engine. The radiator hose is built from durable rubber but regular exposure to extremely high temperatures will eventually lead to damage. A busted pipe and corrosion along the hose clamps are all indications that you need to fix or replace Jaguar Xj12's old radiator hose.

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