The radiator is an important internal combustion engine component. It connects with the channels running through the engine and cylinder head, where antifreeze is pumped through. The antifreeze is a kind of liquid that is typically a combination of water and ethylene glycol. This flows in a closed system starting from the radiator to the engine, where heat is driven away from the engine components. Radiators are basically placed behind the vehicle's grille, through which outside air is driven by the vehicle's forward motion. Oftentimes, fans are mounted near the engine to supplement the needed supply of air, especially when the weather condition is hot. The radiator transfers heat from the fluid inside to the air so that the air in the engine is cooled.

The GMC Radiator Hose are the important radiator component that connects the engine and the water pump to the radiator. Radiator hoses are made of flexible rubber. The sizes of these components vary with the type of the engine. Some smaller hoses, known as heater hoses, run to the heater core. Hoses may come in any of the three types - the common hose, the molded or shaped hose, and the accordion hose.

Any of these three types of hoses possibly carry the spiral wire in their construction. The spiral wire is molded or inserted through the hoses in the required shape. The common hoses are basically straight and take much bending before they finally collapse. They are made of rubber with fabric reinforcement. The molded or shaped hoses are also like the common hose but they do not collapse when bent, since all of the bends needed are already molded into them. The Accordion type hoses are capable of putting up with all kinds of severe bending. Additionally, they absorb some of the vibrations that occur between the engine and the radiator.

Your GMC Radiator hoses or loose clamps may suffer from coolant leaks. The leaks may lead to overheating and expensive repairs so, it is wise to replace them right away if leaks are manifested. Avoiding further damages is easy by checking your GMC Radiator hoses regularly and by replacing them immediately after knowing that leaks are present.

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