Fiat came into the automotive industry over a century ago. But through the years, they have proved that they are worthy of recognition as one of the world's finest makers of vehicles. Their total commitment to total customer satisfaction has propelled them to extensively develop concept cars that would meet every car enthusiast's requirements. Cutting-edge technology of developing attractive styling and exciting engines had made Fiat models accessible and improve the quality of everyday life. Fiat models truly are more than a sign of recognition—they are a living legacy to the countless number of auto makers in the automotive world.

The outstanding performance of your Fiat Model would not be possible without the countless number of auto components comprising it. Every car component is vital to the smooth operations of your vehicle; that is why they should not be taken for granted. Your vehicle is composed of different systems, and one of these is the cooling system. The radiator is one of the major parts of the cooling system, and its purpose is to cool the engine. But it cannot carry out its purpose if it is not connected to the water pump and the engine. A component called Fiat radiator hose is used in your engine's cooling system as a flexible connector.

A typical Fiat radiator hose is made up of flexible rubber and its sizes depend upon the size of the engine. For excellent burst strength, the tube and cover are made of heat resistant synthetic rubber and reinforced cord. Over time, your Fiat radiator hose will start to deteriorate, which will cause a coolant leak. Coolant leaks will result to engine overheating and expensive repairs, so you must periodically check your hoses for leaking or wear and tear signs.

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