The radiator radiator hose of your Bmw 325i serves as a pathway for the coolant as it flows from the engine and into the radiator tubes. If your Bmw 325i radiator hose gets damaged, the anti-freeze will leak out, depriving your engine of that much needed anti-freeze; this might lead to overheating make way for more serious car trouble.

Under your car's hood are actually two types of Bmw 325i radiator hoses - one tube relays used coolant dripping from the vehicle engine into the radiator, while the second hose serves as a passage route for recycled coolant as it flows back onto the engine. The radiator hose is made from durable rubber but daily exposure to extremely hot temperatures will lead to damage. Your Bmw 325i's old radiator hose must be replaced soon if it is busted or is all rusty.

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