What makes combustion efficient? Everybody knows that it is an excellent engine and supporting components. The efficiency of power generation is generally determined by various things. Basic will be the supply of air and fuel, the main combustion ingredients. This is backed up by a powerful spark that comes from a great amount of electricity from the distributor and carried by the ignition wires to the spark plug. The breathing ability of the engine also matters. And one more important factor is engine temperature. The ideal temperature of the engine must be maintained. Otherwise, all the other factors will be useless. When the engine temperature is lower or higher than the ideal, the engine will either refuse to start or overheat. One system in your Peugeot is specifically designed to keep the engine temperature proper, regulating the excess heat that it produces to keep it from overheating. And in this system, the most basic is the Peugeot radiator.

The radiator is a cooling component where the actual heat dissipation takes place. Using a mixture called coolant, the cooling system is able to gather the heat from the engine and dissipate this heat. A water pump enables the cold coolant to flow from the radiator and all throughout the engine, cooling the engine in the process by transferring the heat into this substance. From the engine, the coolant returns to the radiator. The latter is mounted right behind the grille and benefits from the air that comes from the outside environment. Once the coolant reaches it, the heat that the substance contains is transferred to the air that is blown through it with the help of the radiator fan. This will cool the coolant, after which it will flow back to the engine for another cycle of heat gathering and heat dissipating.

The efficiency of the radiator greatly determines the efficiency of the engine. When the radiator fails, the engine will also have a big tendency to fail because it will overheat. The coolant will circulate and gather heat, but the heat will not be removed. So once it returns to the engine, it will still be very hot. Heat buildup will result, and overheating is on the way. You may end up getting stranded with smokes coming from under the hood, or the engine and other under-the-hood components may be damaged.

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