Like any other vehicles, an engine works by burning fuel for energy, this causes heat, heat that could destroy the engine if not taken care of. Mazda vehicles are no exception. Most vehicles have the same concept, just different engine designs but the principle is all the same. That is why all vehicles have a radiator to keep the engine cool.

A Mazda radiator is an apparatus found inside the hood of a Mazda, which holds water inside. This water is mixed with coolant or antifreeze depending on the weather where the car is. This water is routed inside the engine system by a series of tubes to dissipate the heat from the engine. As the water circulates the heat is transferred to the water then it returns to the radiator. The radiator then cools down the water through cool air seeping through the front grille. Sometimes when the cool air is not enough, the radiator fan kicks in to help in the cooling process. Then the whole circulation process is done again.

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