Not taking the time to periodically inspect and maintenance your Kia radiator could lead to a break down. Many common problems are associated with a neglected radiator. Electrolysis, fan damage, leaky fittings, and leaky seams can all be prevented with a little TLC. However, neglecting your radiator over long periods of time can result in permanent radiator damage. If this is the case, your only option is to replace the entire radiator. Electrolysis occurs when dirty or mineral-rich water is used in the cooling system. This causes scaling to accumulate and sediment to build up inside the radiator. If you detect this problem early enough, you may be able to use a radiator cleaner or a rod and brush to clean it out. Fan damage can be the result of either an improperly fitted fan or a radiator that's been hit as you drove over a bump. Visually inspecting your radiator cores will help you to catch the problem before it gets worse. Leaky fittings and seams are bound to happen over time. Replacing these early will prevent more damage from occurring.