Poor radiator maintenance is the leading cause of radiator failure.  If your Isuzu radiator isn't working properly, your vehicle will overheat and break down.  There are many common problems that arise from neglecting to periodically inspect and maintenance your radiator.  Some of these problems include fan damage, electrolysis, fin deterioration, bond failure, and leaky fittings.  Fan damage is the result of an ill-fitted fan that's been rubbed against or a radiator that's been hit while driving over a bump.  It's important to visually inspect your radiator cores to access fan damage.  Using mineral-rich or dirty water in your cooling system will result in a sediment build-up commonly referred to as electrolysis.  If you catch this problem early on, you may be able to fix it yourself by using a radiator cleaner or a simply rod and brush.  Because your radiator is constantly exposed to dirt, water, and other types of debris, fin deterioration and bond failure are almost inevitable.  The only way to prevent problems that arise from fin deterioration and bond failure is to regularly clean and inspect the cooling fins.  Leaky fittings are associated with regular wear and tear and should be replaced immediately to prevent further damage.