Leading the way to most Asian import cars, Honda has been the trademark of true value to their cars. Their great engineering plus their affordable prices all wrapped up in sporty design and versatility makes every Honda vehicle worth every acclamation. Honda engineers strive to provide all their vehicles with the best quality and dependability a car can have, they have succeeded in this quest and much more.

Honda has made sure that their parts work harmoniously together, that is why you can be sure that a Honda radiator will provide optimum performance. You need not worry about overheating in your engine. With proper maintenance and constant check if the radiator has fluids, it will provide you a long time of service.

A Honda radiator is connected to tubes running through the engine and cylinder head; liquid is pumped through the system. This liquid is typically a mixture of water with antifreeze or coolant depending on the weather. The fluid moves in a closed system from the radiator to the engine, where it takes heat away from the engine parts. It then flows through a thermostat back to the radiator, where it is cooled again by convection with the air or if not enough, is aided by a fan. This process cools the entire engine and diminishes the possibility of overheating.

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