GMC vehicles are engineered to withstand great tortures. They traverse many kinds of trails without any problems and come out without breaking a sweat. This engineering feat is due to the fantastic combination of automobile parts working together to provide superb performance. As all people say, the engine is the hart of the automobile they provide the power needed to propel this magnificent machines. But when overworked, these huge GMC engines can get worked up and develop quite some heat. Heat that could cause some damage to the engine if left unnoticed. This is where the GMC radiator comes in.

The GMC radiator is a part of the vehicle that provides the cooling factor to keep the engine from overheating. It is a rectangular shaped metal placed in front of the engines hood where water is placed inside and other chemicals such as antifreeze or coolant. These liquids pass through the engine and are disseminated by the water pump through a radiator hose to the radiator. Cool outside air passing through the vehicle's grille cools that water, which then returns to the engine through another hose. Typically, if there is insufficient air passing through the radiator to cool the water, then the vehicle's fan switches on to aid in the cooling. This process cools the entire engine.

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