Different vehicles equipped with different engines have different radiator needs. Large vehicles, in particular, needs more power for their functions, and thus they are equipped with larger engines. Such is the same with high performance vehicles as well as race cars. In the same manner, these vehicles need radiators that performs better and functions sell to keep the engines at the proper operating temperature at all times. Smaller vehicles equipped with smaller engines, on the other hand, may require a different type of radiator so as not to 'overcool' the engine and make them perform poorly.

For a company that manufactures almost all kind of vehicles, you can expect that they would also manufacture different kinds of radiators. The powerful Ford Excursion or Expedition, for example, would require a different kind of radiator than the smaller Ford Focus or Ford Taurus; and so with the other Ford vehicles. This won't be a problem, however, if you would buy a new Ford vehicle, as you can be assured that the Ford radiator it is equipped with is guaranteed to function well for that particular Ford vehicle. Your problem comes when you have to replace your radiator, because you just can't replace a Ford radiator made for a particular Ford vehicle with just any kind of radiator.

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