You may not know this, but the radiator is the part responsible for most vehicle breakdowns.  Most radiator problems can be avoided with periodic maintenance.  Things like leaky fittings, leaky seams, fin deterioration, bond failure, and electrolysis can all be prevented by having your radiator checked out at least once every two years.  As your car ages, the fittings and seams gradually wear down.  Watch for leaky fittings and overly rusted clamps.  Because your vehicle is constantly exposed to the elements, fin deterioration and bond failure is inevitable.  With regular cleanings and inspection, the life of your radiator core increases drastically.  Using mineral-rich water in your cooling system could leave you with electrolysis.  Electrolysis is sediment that's build-up inside your radiator.  If you detect the problem early enough, you will be able to clean the build-up out with a radiator cleaner or by using a rod and brush.  If you've exhausted all of your maintenance options and it's simply time for a new Eagle radiator, our online catalog has the perfect replacement.