Established by Dodge brothers John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge that started 1901 when they opened a machine shop in Detroit, making stove parts and, later, auto parts. A year later, they entered the world of automobile by supplying parts for the Ford vehicles. They build their own version of four wheeler by the year 1913, three years after they established their own automobile company in Hamtramck, Michigan. From that moment on, Dodge Company still produces top quality trucks, vans, and cars that have defined the way people move.

As Dodge vehicles roll for almost a century, the heritage of original Dodge vehicles is still carried over to the present Dodge models. And with top class vehicles come top class parts. One of these is the Dodge radiator.

Considered as the heart of the cooling system, the Dodge radiator is very essential part of the engine as it significantly maintains the engine's temperature. A properly working radiator should be able to cool the engine down at running condition. It works with the water that is contained by the radiator. When the vehicle runs, this water will be cooled down by the air that passes through the opening at the front of the radiator which is called the grille. If there is an insufficient supply of air coming through the grille, the radiator fan is switch on to supply additional air to the radiator.

Regular maintenance of the radiator keeps it functioning properly. Cleaning and checking for leaks are some of the major considerations you need to remember to keep the radiator in good shape. With proper radiator, your engine will be free from overheating and will last for a longer period of time.