To keep your radiator running like new, have it inspected and serviced once every two years.  With a little preventative maintenance, your Daihatsu radiator should stick around for a while.  Some of the most common radiator problems are: fan damage; cracked tank electrolysis; fin deterioration and bond failure; and leaky fittings or seams.  A damaged fan could've happened if the radiator was hit while going over a bump or the fan was never installed properly.  Corrosion and constant exposure to dirt, water, and road salt could lead to fin deterioration, bond failure, or a cracked tank.  If you've got mineral-rich water flowing through your cooling system, chances are good that you've got built-up sediment and/or scaling inside the radiator.  This problem is known as electrolysis.  Regular wear and tear on your radiator is inevitable, therefore, it's important to check for leaky fittings and/or seams.  Paying attention to these trouble spots will help your radiator last longer and perform stronger.