The radiator is the most common part of a vehicle to cause breakdown.  More often than not, problems with the Daewoo radiator are caused by neglect.  Problems such as leaky fittings or seams; fin deterioration and bond failure; electrolysis; cracked tank; and fan damage are all typical problems that your radiator can face.  Regular wear can lead to leaky fittings and/or seams.  Fin deterioration and bond failure is a result of constant exposure to dirt, road salt, and water.  You can combat fin deterioration by cleaning out the build-up with a cleaner or a rod and brush.  Mineral-rich water causes sediment build-up, which will ultimately result in electrolysis.  A cracked tank can be caused by corrosion or internal pressure.  Fan damage can be caused by an improperly fitted fan and when the radiator is hit when the car drives over a bump.  Find your next radiator in our huge online catalog.