Maintaining your vehicle's cooling system is one of the significant maintenance matters that most vehicle owners usually overlook until the engine overheats and they wind up stranded. The cooling system is designed for two basic purposes. One is to prevent the engine from overheating when it's hot or when performing heavy duty task such as towing. The other function is to help prevent freezing when the weather is cold. This vehicle system is made up of a radiator, a mixture of coolant and water, radiator pressure cap, a cooling fan, overflow tank, a water pump, hoses, thermostat and thermostat housing.

Automotive radiators are designed to perform one of the most crucial tasks, and that is to cool the vehicle's engine. Its ability to perform this task directly affects the engine life since overheating typically causes a host of maintenance problems, ranging from mild to severe. The worst thing a damaged radiator can cause is total engine meltdown even if the outside temperature is fair.

The radiator transfers the heat produced in the process of combustion which is absorbed by the coolant. The said heat is taken away from the chamber to the radiator, where it will be dispersed and delivered again to the system by means of the water pump. The outside air that gets in through the grille will cool the antifreeze. If the outside air isn't enough, the radiator fan will aid in cooling the fluid. The more coolant contained in the aluminum tubes of the radiator, the better it is in dissipating heat. If you own a Cadillac vehicle, it is necessary to have your Cadillac radiator checked from time to time. Make sure that it is always filled with water.

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