No one can deny that the quality of the engines used on today's vehicles has greatly improved. However, these engines are the same internal combustion engines used on the older vehicles. While they have really improved, and a lot at that, they still generate a large amount of heat in their combustion process. We know well that overheating can damage the various engine parts and cause the engine to malfunction. That's why the radiator will always be an essential part of every vehicle.

The radiator is a part of the vehicle's engine cooling system. To cool the engine, a coolant is circulated through it to absorb the heat it has generated. This hot coolant would then enter the radiator, specifically the radiator core, where the said coolant will be 'cooled'. The radiator is some sort of a heat exchanger that radiates and transfers the heat of the hot coolant to the air blown through it by the radiator fan. This 'cooled' coolant would then be transferred again to the engine where the whole heat absorption process will be repeated.

All BMW vehicles are equipped with powerful and refined engines. However, for as long as BMW vehicles are equipped with internal combustion engines, they would continue to generate heat that can be destructive for the engine itself. So that the engine will be cooled properly, every BMW vehicle is equipped with a high quality BMW radiator.

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