Car Power Steering Pumps

There's not a lot you can do when you suddenly experience stiff steering while driving. However, you might be puzzled as you remember recently loading up some fresh fluid. The first thing you do when you get to your destination is inspect your fluid and your hose, and both seem to be fine. What could have gone wrong? You're probably looking at a bad power steering pump, and you've come to the right place for a replacement. We'll be glad to supply you with a low-cost and high-value aftermarket pump that should last longer than your stock pump.

This rotary-vane pump is one driven by the engine through a belt and a pulley, while a set of retractable vanes are used to spin inside the oval chamber of the pump along with the rotor. These vanes get the hydraulic fluid from the pump's return line at low pressure and then pressurize it to the outlet. When your pump clogs up, this part of the process is hampered. Meanwhile, the volume of the hydraulic fluid depends on the speed of the engine. To ensure that the pressure and the engine speed will not get too high, a pressure-relief valve is outfitted inside the pump-this component too can wear naturally.

From that first time you feel stiffness in steering, that problem's going to nag you. Any car owner who knows how to judge a good handle will be annoyed by inconsistent steering performance, and will begin to look for symptoms that could lead to a proper diagnosis. If you've been hearing squealing noises on slow turns, then consider that the first red flag of a car power steering pump gone bad. A clogged pump may also lead to a leaky hose, so you should keep that in mind if that follows.

Seek professional help if you're not sure how to go about diagnosing your pump, or at the very least do some reading online. There are only a handful of reliable and user-friendly sites out there such as Auto MD-this one in particular doesn't stop at giving you tips but can also help you hire a mechanic. When you do get to your power steering pump, check it for cracks, leaks, and any possible internal damage that's beyond repair. If the diagnosis suggests a replacement, then do it immediately.

Power steering systems with defective pumps will provide little or no hydraulic fluid at all. Consequently, such pumps will force the rotary valve to stop working and make steering a lot more difficult. Here at Parts Train, we have a wide selection of power steering pumps available for various makes and models. Just log in your vehicle details and our catalog will narrow down the compatible choices. With our rock-bottom prices, speedy shipping, and overall hassle-free shopping, why would you shop anywhere else? Order a replacement power steering pump from Parts Train today!