Car Power Steering Hoses

Black oil smudged all over either of your car's front wheels? The power steering hose may be leaking, and it's spewing power steering fluid all over the engine bay. Never mind the puddles of oil on your garage floor. What you have to worry about is oil getting on critical parts of your car, like the tires, brake components, wiring harnesses, and causing them to malfunction. So, yes, you shouldn't hesitate to fix this problem as soon as you can. Replacing the power steering hose is a DIY project that'll get your hands dirty, literally. First of all, you have to drain the power steering system of all its fluid. Chances are, dirt and moisture have intruded into the system through the leak on the hose hose. And if you don't flush the fluid and keep using it, then chances are all that contaminants will reach the power steering pump and cause corrosion from the inside. And you definitely do not want to screw up the pump. Remember to get a power steering hose of exactly the same size as your old hose or you'll be asking for another leak. And fill the reservoir with fluid to the maximum level. You'll find high-quality hoses here at PartsTrain.