It's best to delay your scheduled road trip with your pals ‘til you've replaced your malfunctioning factory-installed pitman arm. Since your ride's steering linkage will definitely lose its lateral movement when the Jeep Cherokee pitman arm gives way, it might be better to stop driving the car at this point. You'll definitely get involved in a road accident real soon when you insist upon driving a car with an outdated factory steering arm. A short consultation of your Jeep Cherokee's instruction manual should be good enough for a DIYer like you.

The steering component known as the pitman arm is usually situated near the steering box of the Jeep Cherokee. For convenient removal, use a special pitman arm puller that you can purchase from auto shops. It's practically pointless to swap the Jeep Cherokee pitman arm and then leave other bad parts in their places, so replace everything in your steering system that's clearly not in excellent condition. Riding your car will certainly be a lot easier and less dangerous after putting in the all-new automotive pitman arm.

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