Traveling with a bad stock pitman arm is playing a deadly game of dice. Since your ride's linkage will lose its lateral mobility when the Jeep pitman arm goes bad, it might be safest to forget about using the car at this point. You need to do away with that bad steering arm promptly before a really nasty road accident occurs. A short background reading of your Jeep 's guidebook ought to be good enough for a home mechanic like yourself.

The majority of pitman arms can be found on older automobiles that use recirculating ball assemblies. You will need a specific removal tool to finish the replacement process, so get one from a shop or try borrowing from a buddy. It's pointless to replace the Jeep pitman arm and leave other old parts in their places, thus, swap everything in your steering system that's not in superb shape. Driving will certainly be a lot simpler and safer after putting in the replacement pitman arm.

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