It's better to postpone that scheduled road trip with your friends ‘til you've replaced your failing factory pitman arm. The Chevrolet Nova pitman arm is a crucial component of your car's steering and once it fails, you'll be in extreme danger while travelling. You'll almost certainly get involved in a road accident real soon if you insist on driving a car with a broken factory steering arm. A quick consultation of your Chevrolet Nova's guidebook ought to be more than enough for a Do-It-Yourselfer such as yourself.

The steering component called the pitman arm is typically situated near the steering box of the Chevrolet Nova. For easier removal, use a specialized puller tool, which you can purchase from stores. For the best results, you should also change the bolt and washer that tighten the Chevrolet Nova pitman arm in place, especially if these are really rusty. Driving will certainly be a lot easier and safer after putting in the replacement vehicle pitman arm.

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