It's better to put off your scheduled road trip with the family ‘til you've replaced your malfunctioning pitman arm. The Cadillac Escalade pitman arm is a crucial element of your car's steering system and once it fails, you will be in awful danger on the road. You will surely find yourself in an accident very soon if you keep on driving a car with a defective factory steering arm. There are several types of steering arms on the market, thus, make sure you know what type is needed for your Cadillac Escalade.

The steering hardware called the pitman arm is usually situated next to the automotive steering box of the Cadillac Escalade. You'll need a special arm removal tool to finish the replacement process, therefore, get yours from an auto shop or try borrowing from a friend. It's pointless to substitute the Cadillac Escalade pitman arm but leave other bad components in place, thus, swap everything in the system that's not in excellent shape. Riding your car will undoubtedly be a lot smoother and safer after you install the replacement pitman arm.

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