Car Performance Module And Chips

For the long-time performance enthusiast, you're probably asking yourself, "What's next?" You've tinkered with everything from your air intake system down to your tires, and your exterior doesn't look anywhere close to stock anymore. For the greenhorn, you're just looking for something to get you started. It can be quite tricky with all the choices out there. Well, whichever you are, you've come to the right place. Parts Train has just the upgrade you're looking for in a performance module and chip.

If you find custom hardware overly expensive and unsatisfying, you're not alone. The market can also be quite overwhelming with the endless options. Feel free to explore the uncommon, and you'll find that going digital may just be the right path for you to take. You can do so much more when you install a car performance module and chip on your ride. With this device, you can disable the speed limiter or governor of your vehicle or even boost it to reach its maximum natural speed. You can also increase your vehicle's rev limiter, allowing an extra punch in every shift. Performance programmed chips can also remap fuel and ignition parameters, optimizing the fuel delivery and your engine's ignition firing.

Aside from tweaking engine settings, performance module and chips become a part of your vehicle as well. A car equipped with an ECU contains its own microprocessor or microcontroller, a RAM memory, and a boot device. The moment the vehicle is powered on, the ECU boots and reads the operating system from it. If a performance module and chip is used as a boot device, it'll be the operating system that the ECU will read. In other words, the module will be the program running the vehicle. This change in the booting device is necessary when the engine gets a hardware upgrade like a turbo system, aftermarket camshaft, or any other similar modification.

After all the flashy stickers and candy paint fade away, and all those aftermarket parts fall to wear and tear, you have two possible realities. The first one is to be left with nothing but a shell of what your ride used to be. You'll sit there wondering how all that money went down the drain so fast. As for your second possible reality, you could still be enjoying the long-term investment you're shopping for today.

Top-notch power programming products are available right here at Parts Train, so you don't have to search auto shops or order from self-proclaimed industry-leaders online. All our items are sourced from only the most trusted brands as we make it easy for you to choose among only those worthy of your purchase. We also mark down prices and deliver them to you from right here in the United States. You won't have to worry about overseas shipping and hidden fees. Now, why would you shop anywhere else? Log in your vehicle details, browse our catalog, and order that performance module and chip you've been eyeing!