Car Parking Lights

What do flashlights, spotlights, strobe lights, and streetlights have in common? They all do a pretty good job illuminating their designated targets. We make sure of this, since we continue to be spoiled by light that comes from natural sources, and thus we have our own expectations of man-made light sources. The lights on your vehicle in particular are primarily meant for safety and road visibility. Inside the cabin, you'll find lights all over the dashboard for your gauges and accessories. Externally, you have an array of lights from your headlights up front to the parking light assemblies at the rear.

Your parking light's purpose is found in its name, and apart from the front and rear sets that are granted this function, there are no other lights on your car that can substitute. These lights make a good example of how safety is their main purpose on your vehicle. Without a fully functional and complete set of parking lights, you're not only risking your own visibility of the road as a driver, but also your vehicle's visibility to others.

When it comes to keeping external lights in excellent working condition, a car owner can only do so much. As most lights are located at the front and rear ends of your ride, they're not only exposed to the elements but also very vulnerable to surface damage from collisions. If your lights are damaged in any way, you simply need to get them fixed or replaced immediately. The reason why traffic authorities don't go easy on a broken car parking light, headlight, or taillight is for your own safety. Learn to police and protect yourself.

On the topic of authorities concerned with the condition of your car's lights, it also extends to specifications that you have to abide by. Not only can you not have a broken or missing parking light, but you also have to have it equipped with clear lenses and clear light bulbs. Other countries would tolerate the use of various colors, but while you're on American soil, you'll have to play by our rules. This is not to make your lights overwhelmingly bright, but just to make sure they're visible and follow a uniform color.

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