Car Parking Brake Cables

Consider your car a human being. Each wheel a limb; valves and fuel pump the heart; each tube, pipe and cable a vein or nerve; the headlights are the eyes. Imagine your car having a nervous breakdown while you are driving at 80 miles per hour on a freeway. You want to stop, but your car will not respond. You try stepping on the brake pedal but to no avail. Finally, you decide to pull the hand brake as an emergency solution. Alas! Your parking brake cable must have been stuck all along. What to do? What to do? Then you realize you should have checked your brakes first before you left your place to prevent this problem. A little maintenance check will definitely go a long way, but you're just too busy to realize that.

This is not the time for remorse. As any car owner you must have known the importance of properly-working parking brake. A hand brake or parking brake usually consists of an adjustable cable connected directly to the brake mechanism on one end, and the driver's control on the other. This driver's control mechanism is a hand-operated lever on the floor, or a pull handle located just below and near the steering wheel. The hand brake is used primarily to keep the car not moving when it is parked, hence the name parking brake. Otherwise, it can also be used in case of mechanical failure when the regular brake does not work. If you know all these things then you must have well understood how to release a stuck hand brake. First, apply and release it a number of times. Second, flex the cable housing between the wheel and the part where the main cable stops, and a shorter cable go to the brake drums using your hand. If it still does not work, try rapping the backing plate with a hammer without bending it. If none of these options worked.which means the tire dragged or the car stopped too quickly when you try to coast in neutral.all you need to do is simple: find a replacement for your failing parking brake cable.

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