There can be different types of oxygen sensors out there, but irrespective of what model works in your vehicle, there's one thing is sure to happen - it could impact the functionality of the engine as soon as it gets damaged. For an effective combustion, the engine must be supplied with the right ratio of air and fuel and it is achievable when you have a working Volvo 244 oxygen sensor.

Volvo 244 oxygen sensors do not have a fixed life expectancy, however many of them begin to fail soon after 100,000 miles. Since it can't keep away from antifreeze, gas, and also filth build-up, the oxygen sensor is vulnerable to deterioration; if detected in early stage, this condition can be solved by cleaning the sensor extensively. When you are now suffering from severe complications like bad emissions and gas mileage as well as engine pinging or missing, then it's about time that you change your factory installed oxygen sensor.

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