Volkswagen or its literal meaning "people's car" pertains to its attribute as an affordable vehicle. But don't you think that it should mean being beneficial to people in all aspects? If the Volkswagen oxygen sensor loses its capacity to efficiently do its job, the people's car can actually contribute much to air pollution. Technically, its inefficiency would damage the engine system of the vehicle. Result of such condition will lead to poor performance and mileage. Black smoke coming out of the exhaust system can also be noticed, so as the smell of rotten egg.

The importance of the Volkswagen oxygen sensor to the operation of the machine lies on the combustion process. Right amount of oxygen content for the process is needed in order to achieve the least harsh hydrocarbon content in the exhaust, and ultimately generate good performance quality. The Volkswagen oxygen sensor is responsible for monitoring the right amount by sending the data to the vehicle's computer. It produces a chemical reaction that generates voltage. Through this, the mixture is identified whether lean or rich. If there is more air in the combustion, the mixture is considered lean. On the other hand, if the mixture contains less air, it's called rich. As soon as the mixture is determined, the sensor would adjust to allow only a certain amount of fuel that would balance the mixture to enter. If the oxygen sensor of your Volkswagen is malfunctioning, it would most likely send the computer wrong data. The result would be an incorrect adjustment of fuel intake.

Different Volkswagens run with varied engine types. For a gasoline engine the perfect ratio of air and fuel is 14.7:1. Non-balanced hydrogen and oxygen content as against the fuel would produce more pollutant elements or nitrogen oxide. The oxygen sensor is located in the exhaust pipe for the purpose of effective monitoring of oxygen content right before it leaves the cylinder. Hundreds of times per minute is the capacity of the oxygen sensor in accurately checking the red-exhaust. But its ability may be affected by different aspects including altitude, air and engine temperature, barometric pressure and engine load.

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