Without a working Toyota Tundra oxygen sensor within your automobile, fuel injection won't work as efficiently as intended. The emission management on your Toyota Tundra is based mostly on this oxygen sensor. The sensor is essential in keeping the engine functioning properly not to mention also helps lessen the environmental consequences of these gases.

Your Toyota Tundra's oxygen sensor is there for proper modification of the quantity of gas injected into the engine via the automotive computer on your ride. Inside that exhaust pipe-that's where you can uncover this particular sensing unit on your Toyota Tundra. Because there's no way to determine the air/fuel percentage accurately, you won't manage todelight in fantastic gas mileage and superior functionality out of your car in case the oxygen sensor won't do the job anymore. Think of swapping the damaged oxygen sensor of your Toyota Tundra if it really is alreadybroken beyond repair so that you can restore right automobile efficiency.

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