If you want to achieve better mileage and minimize engine emissions, then the thing you need is a Toyota Fj Cruiser oxygen sensor. Located either at the front or back of the catalytic converter, the oxygen sensor of your Toyota Fj Cruiser precisely measures the quantity of oxygen and straight away transmits the information to the engine control unit, which properly controls the air-fuel mixture inside your internal combustion engine.

Your Toyota Fj Cruiser oxygen sensorwill go wrong when it's tremendously subjected to hazardous unwanted gases, compounds, and heat. The moment the oxygen sensor of your Toyota Fj Cruiser is damaged, the oxygen quantity in your internal combustion system either shoots up or goes down, which can badly change the overall efficiency of your ride. What you may do to avoid the oxygen sensor of your Toyota Fj Cruiser from breaking down is through conducting standard check-up, that means you need to keep tabs on its over-all state. In case your oxygen sensor is, unfortunately, not functioning, then it's time that you change your damaged stock.

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