A highly efficient emission control system is essential for your vehicle's proper combustion process and to ensure that you are always complying with the emission standards. One important component to achieve a desirable emission output in your vehicle is by equipping it with the Subaru Oxygen Sensor. This is designed to provide you an efficient monitor of oxygen content by feeding data to the engine management computer to allow the engine to operate as effective as possible with an impressive low emission. This allows the electronic control unit of your vehicle to regulate the internal engine combustion process.

The oxygen sensor is located in the exhaust pipe so that it would efficiently detect rich and lean fuel mixtures essential for the engine combustion. Some oxygen sensors are designed to have mechanisms that use a chemical reaction to generate a voltage. This produced voltage is checked by the engine's computer to determine if the mixture is either lean or rich. The ECU then makes certain adjustments to the amount of fuel entering the engine relatively ideal to the mixture. This way, the engine is capable of determining the amount of oxygen to be pulled in based on the altitude, air temperature, engine temperature, engine load, and other factors that are involved in the entire combustion process.

Since the oxygen sensor plays a vital role in generating an efficient emission output, its top shape must always be ensured. A highly maintained one can help your catalytic converter increase its life since it regulates your vehicle's fuel mixture. It is advisable that the oxygen sensor be replaced every 60,000 to 100,000 miles of distance traveled to assure you of its proper functionality. Its failure can cause the computer to fail also giving you a misreading and misinterpretations since it is unable to monitor the air-fuel ratio. A damaged oxygen sensor can also result to poor vehicle performance, a serious increase in fuel use, and most especially giving off harmful emissions. Possible causes of oxygen sensor's failure are brought about by normal aging or the use of leaded fuels. That is why a failing one should be replaced immediately to restore proper engine and emission process.

The Subaru Oxygen Sensor is the best replacement for your OEM part. It is built to efficiently control your vehicle's emissions and designed to help in achieving fuel economy. It is a key emission component to have in your vehicle when it comes to environmental concerns. You are assured to always be generating cleaner and less harmful emissions for everybody's benefit. This innovative oxygen sensor offers an exact fit to all Subaru models and thus, it is the perfect replacement for your damaged OEM oxygen sensors.

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