Fuel injection is made possible thanks in part to the Saturn Sky oxygen sensor in your automobile. This oxygen sensor in your automobile is an element of the device that helps handle the emissions that arrive from the motor of your Saturn Sky. A completely functional probe can help ensure that your current vehicle's engine always dishes out optimum performance while avoiding damaging the atmosphere.

Basically, your Saturn Sky's oxygen sensor is in charge of sensing whether the air-fuel mixture is lean or rich so that the car's computer can modify how much fuel goes into the car's engine. Oxygen sensors are located inside the exhaust pipe of the Saturn Sky. Since there's no means to measure the air/fuel percentage accurately, you won't have the ability todelight in excellent gas mileage and superior functionality from your automobile if the oxygen sensor is not going to work anymore. Consider replacing the damaged oxygen sensor of your Saturn Sky when it really is alreadybroken beyond repair in an effort to reestablish proper automobile efficiency.

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