Devoid of a working Saturn Ion-3 oxygen sensor in your auto, the fuel injection system is not going to function as well as planned. The exhaust regulation in your Saturn Ion-3 is reliant on the oxygen sensor. With its functionality, the sensorcan help the engine operate efficiently while reducing your vehicle's influence on the atmosphere.

Your Saturn Ion-3's oxygen sensor is meant to allow for correct modification of the amount of gas moved directly into the engine through the automotive computer on your vehicle. Oxygen sensors tend to be situated within the exhaust pipe of the Saturn Ion-3. In case the oxygen sensorstops working, your vehicle will be inclined to waste fuel and dish out subpar functionality since the computer would not possess an exact method to measure the air/fuel proportion anymore. Consider replacing the damaged oxygen sensor of your Saturn Ion-3 anytime it's alreadyimpaired beyond repair so that you can reestablish proper automobile performance.

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