To fit the functions you have in mind, oxygen sensors come in many differing types; however even though you employ the most contemporary unit, it can still jeopardize your ride's performance the moment it becomes faulty. By using a reliable Saturn Ion-1 oxygen sensor, you are assured that your engine is regularly supplied with correct combination of air and fuel, thereby letting it accomplish an effective combustion process.

Automotive oxygen sensors do not have a fixed lifetime, but some of them start to breakdown after reaching 100,000 miles. Because it can't avoid antifreeze, gas, and grime accumulation, your automotive oxygen sensor is also vulnerable to rust; if diagnosed soon, this problem may be resolved by cleaning the sensor extensively. You'll know if it is already time to replace your factory-installed sensor since there are noticeable signs like greater emissions, poor gas mileage, and engine complications including rough idling and pinging.

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