To fit different applcations, oxygen sensors come in many different types; however even though you use the most advanced type, it may still affect the overall performance of your vehicle once it becomes defective. For the combustion process to be efficient, the engine needs to be provided with the right ratio of fuel and air and that can be achieved if you employ a well-functioning Saab Sonett oxygen sensor.

Automotive oxygen sensors don't come with a set life expectancy, however many of them begin to fail after driving for 100,000 miles. The sensor installed in your Saab Sonett could also wear away in the long run caused by build up of grime, engine coolant, automotive oil, gas, and other particles; if the problem has only started, you can avoid the headaches brought by product replacement by getting rid of the dirt from your sensor. You'll know if it's high time to replace your factory-installed sensor due to noticeable signs like unfavorable emissions, poor gas mileage, and engine issues like idling roughly and pinging.

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