The oxygen sensor like your Saab oxygen sensor is a small electronic tool that is inserted into the exhaust system. Primarily, its function is to measure the volume of oxygen remaining on the exhaust gas. It obtains the data which will be then sent to the engine management ECU computer. Depending on this data, the computer will make the necessary adjustment with the amount of fuel to be delivered to the engine. This is to make your car run efficiently as well as to reduce noxious emissions.

You can better picture out the function of the oxygen sensor by giving you a backgrounder. The oxygen sensor is positioned inside the exhaust pipe to detect the ratio of air and gasoline that is fed in your engine. When the mixture is too rich or too lean, the oxygen sensor adjusts the fuel accordingly. You must understand that faulty mixture of fuel and air increases the amount of pollutants from the vehicle. It can also weaken the catalytic converter which is very crucial for emission control. Thus, oxygen sensor must be regularly in good condition.

It is necessary that you know the indications of a malfunctioning oxygen sensor. Topping the list is a rotten egg odor that emit from the exhaust. You can also experience a reduction in fuel economy, failure of catalytic converter, undesirable levels reached by the exhaust emissions and surging or hesitation of the engine. It will be beneficial that you have the necessary tools such as digital voltmeter, oxygen sensor socket and propane enrichment device to diagnose the problem yourself. Along with the instructional manual, these tools will determine if your oxygen sensor is no longer working.

Over time, your Saab oxygen sensor will need replacement. Oxygen sensor manufacturers advise that vehicle owners must replace their oxygen sensor at regular intervals. This is the best way for the tool to perform at peak level. Also with this, the fuel consumption will be held at the minimum. Luckily, an oxygen sensor is among the easy-to-replace parts since it is abundant in auto dealers online.

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