Controlling gas use and emissions will be the least of your problems when your car comes with a Pontiac Grand Prix oxygen sensor. Found either at the front or back of your catalytic converter, the oxygen sensor of your Pontiac Grand Prix accurately measures the level of oxygen and instantly sends the information into the engine control unit, which efficiently regulates the air-fuel mixture in your internal combustion engine.

Your Pontiac Grand Prix oxygen sensorwill break down if it's tremendously subjected to dangerous unwanted gases, compounds, and heat. You can probably encounter performance difficulties, misfires, and high gasoline usage if the oxygen sensor of your Pontiac Grand Prix starts to worsen. By performingrepair task such as constant check up, you can certainly retain the oxygen sensor of your Pontiac Grand Prix in excellent working condition. When your broken oxygen sensor can no longer be fixed, then the mosteffective option here is to merely change it.

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