If you want to get better fuel consumption rate and minimize engine emissions, then what you need is a Pontiac Grand Am oxygen sensor. If you're not familiar with the oxygen sensor of your Pontiac Grand Am, it's the part situated beside your catalytic converter; it's main job is calculating the number of oxygen that allows you to correctly burn the gasoline and generate more significant torque and horsepower.

Once your Pontiac Grand Am oxygen sensor is exposed to things such as extreme heat and hazardous chemicals, chances are it will deteriorate soon. When the oxygen sensor of your Pontiac Grand Am begins to fail, your engine will either have too much or too little oxygen level, which can cause misfires, weakfuel economy, and other performance problems. In order to prevent these types of oxygen sensor difficulties on your Pontiac Grand Am, it's recommended for you to regularly look at its condition as part of maintenance. If your impaired oxygen sensor can't be fixed, then the mosteffective move here is to merely remove it.

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